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  • From the Providence Journal

    The word is out about Olneyville New York System receiving The James Beard Foundation America’s Classics Award for 2014.  Click here to read the article in the Providence Journal. Here’s an Excerpt: Fourth generation owners Greg Stevens and Stephanie Stevens Turini will accept the award in Lincoln Center in New York City on May 5 […]

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  • James Beard Foundation: America’s Classics

    We’re proud to announce that Olneyville New York System is a recipient of the James Beard Foundation America’s Classics Award for 2014.  You can read the whole article here, and here’s an excerpt from the award announcement: Olneyville New York System, despite its name, serves food that is distinctive to Rhode Island. Slathered with mustard, […]

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  • Man vs. Food Hot Wiener Challenge

    Watch as a local Rugby player tries to our Hot Wiener Challenge in this episode of Man vs. Food. Skip to around 1:30 for our part.

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Hot wieners and coffee milk are among the state’s favorite foods and the Stevens family has been serving them “all the way” in Olneyville Square since 1946.
“The System” has become a multigenerational family spot, the late night haunt of college students, and the first stop from the airport for returning natives.
A delicious blend of yellow mustard, onion, celery salt, and meat sauce all served on a steamed bun. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the coffee milk. Now that’s gut-busting, heavenly goodness!